Mobility Scooters



GO-GO Ultra X 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter GO-GO Ultra Electric Travel Scooter

Pros: this electric scooter offers great assistance for those with limited mobility. Easy to set up and transport, disassembles in 5 parts. You can also transport this chair via plane. Very stable and offers great range of motion.

Cons: This scooter does not have enough power to go through soft and uneven surfaces, like grass, perfect for use on asphalt or cement. It does not have springs, therefore ride might feel a bit bumpy.

The Go-Go Ultra x 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter is an amazing product to offer you more mobility. It is crafted from a light and durable frame and can hold up to 260 pounds of weight. This scooted can be disassembled in 5 pieces, which makes it easier to transport it or store it. It has a simple auto-latching lockup mechanism allowing the frame to be separated within seconds, with only using one hand. The total weight of this device is 97 pounds. The battery lasts up to 2 hours or 10 miles. The 12ah battery pack is removable and can be charged off board. Maximum speed you can reach with this scooter is 4 mph. This scooter has four wheels, which makes it more stable than the three wheel scooters. It is controlled by steering wheel, therefore it is best suited for people with a full range of upper body motion. It also comes with a convenient drop-in battery box and mounted seat post for extra stability. There is enough space for your legs on the base of the scooter and the front basket will be perfect for your shopping trips.  





Victory 10 LX with CTS Suspension S710LX 4 Wheel Blue Color Mobility Scooter Victory Mobility Scooter

Pros: This power scooter is equipped with CTS Suspension that will ensure a very smooth ride for you. The scooter weighs 156 lbs, which is relatively low for this type of device. Scooter can ride up to 15 miles with a fully charged battery and the maximum speed for this device is 5.6 mph.

Cons: In order to operate this device, its user has to have upper body mobility.

The Victory 10 LX Scooter is a great device that will offer you a lot of mobility and help with going places you could not reach before. This four wheel scooter has a powerful motor with rechargeable batteries that will last up to 15 miles. With this scooter you can reach up to 5.6 mph. This scooter is large enough to make you feel comfortable. The seat will fit the natural curves of your body. The back rest is high and also has a head rest, allowing you more comfort. Scooter with four wheels will make you feel safer. This model also has non-scuffing tires, therefore you will be able to go on uneven surfaces. The scooter is equipped with extra accessories, such as LED lightings in front and rear, a basked in the front as well as a cup holder. The battery package is mounted under the seat. The Feather-Touch system allows you to separate the chair from the base with only one touch. You can easily adjust the seat height for your needs, and the base has enough space for your legs. Arm rests can also be lifted up when they are not needed. Overall, this scooter offers a lot of comfort, great range of motion and it will definitely increase your mobility.



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