Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber Tool For Handicapped Of 2020

Best Heavy Duty Reacher GrabberIf you are still balancing your stool to reach objects on tall shelves, try one of these “best heavy duty reacher grabber” and avoid the risk of an unpleasant fall.

Using these nifty little graspers allows you to perform various tasks. If you have an injury or recovering from an operation, you may find it difficult to lift objects such as cans or bottles for several reasons.

It will make your life very difficult and frustrating. But with the help of best heavy duty reacher grabber tool you can solve this problem and will make your life much easier.

Reacher grabber helps for reaching and grabbing objects. These heavy duty graspers  are easy to use and are not expensive. They take up very little space and their use will make your life easier.

We made our choices for the best reacher grabber based on quality, functionality, and value. We suggegst you to check our buyer’s guide below before buying any reacher grabber.

Our recommendation for the best heavy duty reacher grabber is Ettore Grip’n Grab Multi-Purpose Reach Tool

Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber Tool

Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber Tool Reviews For 2020

1. Ettore Grip’n Grab Multi-Purpose Reach Tool

Best Reacher Grabber 2020Whether you have had surgery, have back pain or don’t feel like bowing, this heavy duty Ettore Grip’n Grab Reach Tool is a great accessory to use as a helping hand.

This reacher grabber has a good snug hold on various things. This grabber device will hold the objects firmly locked in place while others drop them. The main advantage of this tool lies in the fact that the head rotates, which allows gripping both horizontally and vertically.

It’s good to pick up a variety of things on the floor, at the counter or anywhere else. You may have dealt with those hard-to-grab items that seem to be too oriented in the worst possible way. This best reacher grabber tool makes them easier to catch.

Key Features:

  • Best unit of its kind
  • Well-constructed and the swivel end makes it more convenient than other products
  • A must to pick the items on the floor anywhere in the house
  • The grippers have rubber coating

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2. VIVE Reacher Grabber 

Best Reacher Grabber Heavy DutyFor a light grip, you will not find better than this VIVE Reacher Grabber. It is one of the best reacher grabber that comes with small suction cups that hold most objects very well.

Of course, it will not handle a pickle jar like other reacher grabber do, but you could probably take an egg without breaking it with a little practice. Try to do this with one of the claw-type grabbers and you’ll understand why it makes sense.

Get one for those little items that a meatier grabber will not do well. It is cheap and provides a good level of control for most light tasks. You will enjoy using this device for sure.

Key Features:

  • I don’t know why I didn’t purchase this sooner
  • It reaches so many things
  • Picks up better than more expensive grabber
  • Super easy to use, super strong and super-efficient

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3. Unger Professional Nifty Nabber

Unger Professional Nifty Nabber Reacher Grabber Tool and Trash PickerThe Unger Professional Nifty Nabber combines fine motor control with real power. Not only handicapped people but also normal people will find it very beneficial as this tool makes it easy to grab any item where your hand do not reach.

The integrated magnetic tip allows you to pick up small metal objects. You can also pick up a pot of pickles at the counter without any bending problems.

This Unger Professional Grabber comes with rubber coated ends that provide reliable grip power and is relatively convenient to use. The aluminum rod is light and easy to use, but rigid enough to withstand heavy objects.

Key Features:

  • These things are great for grabbing items off the top shelf
  • Great grips on ends
  • Works really well
  • This picks up the smallest of things! LOVE IT

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4. Cojoy Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Best Grabber Reacher Heavy DutyIf you need to lift delicate objects without breaking them, this Cojoy suction cup gripper is a good option to have on hand.

It is not very strong and will probably not help you lift an object weighing more than four or five pounds, but it will grab those little delicate things that other grabbers will not be able to grab.

Take a tablet or replace a light bulb using this tool without problems. It takes a bit of practice to get the right feel, but once you’ve done it, you’ll confidently grab smaller and also more delicate objects.

Key Features:

  • It is very heavy duty for the price
  • Very well made
  • Well-made and yes, it can pick up a dime

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5. Grabber Buddy Innovative Reacher Tool

Best Heavy Duty Grabber ReacherMost of the reacher grabber tool sold today depend on levers to help control grip strength. Not that bad boy. This Grabber Buddy Innovative Reacher Tool uses a squeeze system.

What you have to do is just slide your fingers inside the handle and press the traction section toward the back of the handle and all done. With this setting, you will get more power with high level of pressure control.

This Grabber Buddy is made of solid materials and will not bend even when gripping heavy objects. Although I don’t try a gallon of milk with it, i have collected several half gallons without problems. Its silicone coated jaws allow a good grip without damaging most objects.

Key Features:

  • With arthritis in my hand, this type of squeezing mechanism works best for me
  • The grip allows you to use your whole hand
  • The gripper handle gives you more control than the lever style

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Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber Buyer’s Guide

A firm grip:

Best Heavy Duty Grabber Reacher 2019There’s nothing worse than grabbing an object and sliding it down to the floor. It’s even worse when the object was a glass jar with a spaghetti sauce. You must now try to discover how to clean the floor of your kitchen. That’s why a firm grip is vital.

Durability and Flexibility:

You should have a grabber that does not bend during regular use, especially when transporting fragile items such as full mason jars. This is why flexibility and durability of the grabber machine is an important consideration.

Fine Control:

Best Reacher Grabber 2019

It is good to have a grabber device that gives you the control to pick up small objects. They are essential for picking up papers, toys, cloth, mobile and any other small items from your home.


You should choose a heavy duty grabber tool that is comfortable. If it is too heavy or uncomfortable, you will not use it. So comfort of the grabber is very important especially if you are going to use it all day long.


A reacher grabber tool allows you to reach hard-to-reach places naturally. It is long reaching tool with great flexibility. It is an indispensable tool for every home and even office. Not only in the corners of the rooms, you can access the top shelves of your pantry or kitchen, as well as change the light bulbs.

Some of these heavy duty grabber have rotating heads for versatile work. From small metal objects to large lightweight objects, you can easily pick items. Before buying a reacher grabber your need to consider the size, the material used like aluminum tool is preferable because they are light and durable.  From our listed grabber tool, you can easily find the best one that will suit you needs. Buy one and help yourself to reach your items comfortablty.

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