Best Stand Assist Walker

Best Stand Assist Walker Of 2020

A standard assist walker is a device designed to assist walking characterized by its use of platforms at each foot, instead of wheels.

While wheels decrease the action of lower limbs on the surface and make your movement easier, standard walkers tend to provide excellent support and stability. 

A stand assist walker can provide you support as you start to walk again. There are few types of walkers available in the market. Some assist walkers have no wheels, 2 wheels, or 4 wheels.

Top 3 Best Stand Assist Walker Dimensions
RatingCurrent Price
Stand Assist Patient Transport by Lumex33.5 x 25 x 42.5614.6/5
Medline 3-in-1 Two-Button Walker, Red24 x 6 x 3374.3/5
Vaunn Medical Travel Folding Walker with Wheels and Detachable Legs18 x 21 x 564.6/5

Detailed Reviews of the Best Stand Assist Walker

Best Stand Assist WalkerThe Stand Assist Patient Transport device is an excellent product to help improve your mobility. This device will make standing up and sitting down much easier.

You will be able to stand up on your own without the assistance of a caregiver. Or if you are a caregiver, this device will ease up your workload. This device has a stable base and frame with rear casters for easier transportation.

The rear casters have a locking mechanism, which is important to remember when using the device, to prevent any accidents. The transport device has a comfortable and heavily padded seat and knee pads, crafted from an easily cleanable and durable material.

The device easily fits through narrow doorways. The seat consists of two pieces that can be easily lifted up and down when you need them. The seat is very strong and the stand assist patient transport can hold up to 400 lbs.

This product will be very easy to assemble. It weighs only 61 pounds, at the same time ensuring a lot of safety and stability. This device will help you to become more mobile and help to make your legs stronger.


  • Very stable construction you will feel safe using. The total weight is 61 pounds, giving this stand assist device a sturdy feel, but is still light enough to transport easily.


  • Not suited for shorter people. Always remember to lock the wheels to prevent accidents.

Best Stand Assist Walker

The Medline 3-in-1 Two-Button Walker is a classic, simple and highly functional product. This is a perfect product for someone needing assistance for walking and who wants to gradually progress to walking independently. The handles are located on two levels, which will allow you to stand up by using the lowest position, gradually moving towards top level and standing easily. The bi-level handles also allow this walker to be placed over a toilet and use it as a toilet safety frame. This walker can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, but it weighs less than 7 pounds. The walker can also be folded, allowing you to take it with you or store it easily. Medline walker is durable, and good looking device which will provide you with the necessary support in your daily activities.


  • Simple to set up and use. Weigh capacity of the walker is 300 pounds. Suitable for users from 5’5  to 6’4 height.


  • The stability of this walker depends on how you grip it, but once you get used to it, this walker will be a perfect assistant to your daily activities.

Best Stand Assist WalkerMedical Travel Folding Walker is an excellent product for someone who wants to remain active and mobile but needs a little bit of support. This product is loved by people recovering from lower extremity surgeries.

The Frame is crafted from aluminum and feels sturdy and safe. The height can be easily adjusted for your body requirements, going from 30 to 37 inches. This walker is ideal for traveling since it folds up easily and does not take up much space. The two button fast push release system makes it easy for it to be folded even if you have dexterity issues.

Each side of the walker can be operated independently. The walker comes with 5 inch front wheels, which will allow you to move across almost any surface. The back of the walker has glider clips to ensure more stability. This Walker will be the perfect help for you on the way to complete mobility.


  • Very compact design, easy to fold and unfold and light- perfect for transportation. Works on most terrains.
  • Easy to assemble and adjust to your height requirements.


  • The walker is best to use for people with a lot of upper body strength and mobility, since the wheels might at first not seem so stable.

Our Best Pick

Our pick for the best stand assist walker is Vaunn Medical Travel Folding Walker with Wheels and Detachable Legs.